Kind thanks for their active contribution to :

Cyril LeFebvre,
main contributor of this site, for his advices, his article about us and the great and numerous pictures he sent us.
Notably co-founder of the Ukulele-Club de France and author of the famous La Méthode d'Ukulélé
and Ukulélé la Méthode & le Dico.

Michael Simmons,
for his generosity allowing us to publish his great writing about Maccaferri's ukuleles,
and for having provided rare Maccaferri catalog images.
Editor of the now-collectible Ukulele Occasional, and editor-in-chief of the Fretboard Journal
Special thanks to Jason Verlinde too, formerly publisher of The Ukulele Occasional,
and publisher of the Fretboard Journal.

David Remiger AKA Ukester Brown,
for the spontaneous help he gave us to make this site well-known
Don't miss his ukulele pages nor his huge YouTube channel

Corinne Baret-Idatte,
from the french newspaper L'Est Républicain, for her writing of an article full of praise for us !

for the nice post she made about us
Visit the Ukulélé Club de Montréal !

All my friends from - le forum for their help and support.

Special thanks for the nice images they spontaneously sent us, to :

François Demont, from - le forum, webmaster of Harmony Database
Bao, from the Ukulélé Club de Montréal.
Djoz, from - le forum.
Gyamso, from - le forum, webmaster of
Krabbers, check his great YouTube channel!.
Luke-O, from - le forum, author of a great MySpace page
Nacrociochi, author of the plastic blog Fetish Ukulele
Orianemael, from - le forum.
Toru Ogiyanagi, of the Rocket Sisters!
Ukisociety, pionneer of the plastic uke! His YouTube channel here..
Ukukuku, from the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum.
Ukulelezaza, whom YouTube channel is full of marvels.
Uncle, from - le forum.
Victrola Lagüe, whom MySpace page should be visited with no delay.

And for having allowed us to use their pictures, to :

Carl from Catfish' Closet, Jeremy Chow from, Aloÿse de La Ronde, Steve Jeter/sjeter61, Joe Hilton from and B.J. Morgan of Museum of Making Music.


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Evans S. et Middlebrook R., Cowboy Guitars, Centerstream Publications, 2002, 234p.

Simmons M., Clothespins, Castanets and Nine Million Ukuleles in The Ukulele Occasional, Sum. 2002, 10p.

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Articles about Mario Maccaferri

Mario Maccaferri (1900-1993) - By Paul Hostetter

About Mario Maccaferri's life and career.

History of French American Reeds

History of Maccaferri's industries. On the Maccaferri family company website.

Articles about Mario Maccaferri's plastic ukuleles

On plastic - A popular-priced, high quality professional instrument - By John King

About Mario Maccaferri's production of plastic ukuleles.

Maccaferri and his Islanders - By Ukester Brown

Creation, evolution and technical data of the Islander ukulele.

Maccaferri History - The guitars of Mario Maccaferri - By Michael Wright

Very detailed history of Maccaferri's guitars, with information on his ukuleles production.

Islander Maccaferri - By Bertrand Saint-Guillain

French page of the Ukulélé Club de France. Dedicated to the Islander, with technical details.

Pages dealing with plastic ukuleles

Tiki King Big Ukulele List

The indispensable ukulele database, with 668 entries!

Better living through plastics - Those way-cool and waterproof polymer ukuleles

Plenty of pictures on this page by Catfish1952

Fetish Ukuleles - Ukulele di plastica e altro

Excellent plastic-oriented blog, by Francesco. Italian language.

Plastique fantastique - By Bertrand Saint-Guillain and François Demont

TV Pal Baritone exploration, with nice pictures

Flamingo vs Islander, deux ukuleles plastiques historiques - By Bertrand Saint-Guillain

Subtle comparison between those two 50's best-sellers.

Museum of Making Music - The Ukulele and You - (Exhibition)

Splendid exhibition, with a good historic section and lots of rare plastic ukes pics

Plastic ukulele

Short introduction to plastic ukuleles, on UkuleleHunt website.

Plastic banjo ukulele

Nice plastic banjoleles collection, with a lot of pics, on Banjo Ukulele Heaven website.

Pages dedicated to our own glory -- Check the page! --

Plastic Ukes Ultimate Website - By Cyril LeFebvre

The first article about us, on Ukulele Club de France website.

Chord Master ! - By Gary

Ukulelia blog page about and plastic ukes.

Le ukulélé en plastique c'est fantastique ! - By Ju

Ukulele Club de Montréal blog page about and plastic ukes.

Cinglé de ukulélé - By Corinne Baret-Idatte

L'Est Républicain newspaper article about and his webmaster. en langue française dès aujourd'hui! - By Cyril LeFebvre

Article about our french version, on Ukulele Club de France website.

Got Plastic ? - By Julie Strietelmeier

Announcement of the site, on Ukulele Review blog.

Ukulele Contest! - By Cyril LeFebvre

Article about the launching of our 2011 uke contest. - By Toru Ogiyanagi

Article about our site, in japanese

Gagnez un ukulélé en plastique Carnival ! - By Ju

Article about the launching of our 2011 uke contest.

Youpi Ukulélé - By Antoine Pétry

Press paper about the launching of our 2011 uke contest.

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