« Any music that cannot be played with a Chord Master® is no music ».
This is our unnegotiable motto. Try our tabs on a genuine Islander® or with our Chord Master Simulator®

The whole Chord Master® chords chart,
including those composed chords produced
by pushing several buttons at the same time.

A4-133 dpi
jpeg 508 Ko

Blank Chord Master® tab grid,
for your composing or transcribing pleasure.
48 blank Chord Master® positions.

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jpeg 516 Ko

Tabbook cover and back cover
to protect and keep your collection
of Chord Master® tabs in a neat album

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jpeg 315/270 Ko

Here is our tenderfoot collection of Chord Master® transcriptions (More to come soon!).
Please feel free to send yours, we will publish them (please be selective in your choices : only hi-quality compositions <grin>)

Hot Tamales (They're Red Hot)
Famous song by Robert Johnson, 1936.
No specific difficulties, except in the singing!
Check the chordmasterized video here.

A4-133 dpi
jpeg 532 Ko

I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones)
Music-hall success written by Chris Yacich in 1936,
and become famous with the Hoosier Hotshots version.
Some two-fingers Chord Master® chords.

A4-133 dpi
jpeg 618 Ko

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